Core Values

These Are Our Core Values

1. Provide products that give Customers choices on how they spend their money on energy.
Most people don’t realize they have choices on how they spend their money for energy. We mean all forms of energy, heating and cooling, electricity and travel. Our purpose is twofold:

  • To show people what their current choices are, and
  • To create new and innovative energy products to increase their choices.

    2. Provide world class customer service and openly interact with our Customers.
    Did you notice that we always capitalize Customers? We do this because they are our disciples, our partners and our lifeblood. We have a vision of what we want and our Customers also have a vision; our job is to meld the two. We need for our actions to be consistent and also fluid and adaptable to our customers and market conditions.

    3. Provide a working environment where employees feel independent, self determined and part of the organization.
    We believe that if we take great care of our people, they will do the same for our Customers. We believe that attitude is much more valuable than skill. If a perspective employee has a great attitude, we can train them for the skills we need.

    4. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
    This phrase coined by Ron Willingham, writer, author and trainer, is pretty self explanatory.