Introducing the world’s first production Solar Electric Scooter

Hello everybody, er,, well…. scratch that, Hello ANYBODY,

This is mike and they call me ses mike, (solar electric scooter), mike and I’m very excited to announce our Solar Electric Scooter.  My partner Tony and I have been working on this project for about 4 years and we’re ready to go to production.

We have 2 patents pending at the US Patent and Trademark Office and all is looking good.

Here are a couple of Benefits of the SES:

Iexpensive to purchase, virtually free to operate and environmentally friendly.

Here are a few Specs on the Solar Electric Scooter:

20 mile range, 15 mph, street legal, no insurance required, no registration, no license. These last 3 pertain to CA, where we are, but you may need to check your locals.

So check it out at and let us know your thoughts.  We think it’s pretty cool, but there are one hell of a lot more smart people out there than there are in here, so talk to us and we’ll make it better together.

Thanks, sesmike




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